barril vinoAll kind of wood is not useful to age a wine. There are two featured areas that allow its good development, given its weather and the characteristics of the soils: United States and France. Besides that Bodegas Torre del Veguer have vinified successfully with Hungarian oak and as well we have heard good words about Eastern Europe oaks (Rusia principally), in this post we will focus on French and American oak.

French oak

The pore of French oak barrels is finest, so transmits its characteristics more slowly and balanced. As it is a softer wood, more wood are wasted making barrels, so it is more expensive. In fact, French oak barrel´s price can be the tripleo f an American oak barrel, although the tipycal ratio is the double.

It adds aromas of honey, vanilla, nuts and spices, in a delicate and elegant way, obtaining silky texture wines, and sweet sensations on the palate.

There are given slightly different flavours according to the French region (Limousin, Allier, Vosges, Tronçais and Nevers) due to the differences in densities of the wood.

American oak

The American oak barrels are more resistant, strong and almost impermeable, the pores are significantly bigger than French barrels, and add wood´s properties faster and easier to the wine.

American oak is especially recommended to reduce the astringency and hardness of a wine in a record time. This oak provides less tannins to the wine (good way to reduce the astringency of the wine) but more variety of aromas, in which we can find vanilla and coconut very easily, and hints of café, smoke, snuff and cocoa.

The American oak provides powerful aromas but less delicate than aromas offered by French oak, give a more aggressive sensation and creamy texture.