vino-ecologicoA wine is healthy when the winemaking process keeps their rhythm in the vineyards and in the cellar. It has not been modified by aggressive chemical products that will modify it, and as well affect us.

One can find health when chemical products added or stabilizers, proofreaders or other components have not been added in a glass of wine, they have not an organic origin and they modify the essence of a wine.

Drinking a glass of wine per day is a healthy practice. To drink wine in moderation, particularly red wine, is useful to prevent heart diseases and shows an antioxidant effect that can prevent cancer diseases.

Since 2010, the family cellar from Massís del Garraf  Torre del Veguer has chosen the organic farming, being X&XV their first wine eco-labeled. Since current vintage 2016 100% of Torre del Veguer´s wines are organic.

To make an organic wine there are rules to follow established by European legislation (in force since 1 August 2012). In the Catalan case, the CCPAE (Catalan Council for Organic Agriculture Production) is the responsible of getting the eco-label to warranty in front of consumers that the regulations about vineyard treatment, wine vinification and bottling. The treatments done, for example, must be according to the environment and mustn’t add harmful substances that have suffered a synthetic process. Ergo, artificially modified in order to obtain improvements, increase production etc… compared with the use of natural products. These last products are environmentally friendly and help to preserve the earth.

Tough organic agriculture the yields per Hectare decrease, the products are around 30% more expensive than conventional, that we are less protected than other producer that use non organic products, that we have to stop the tractor so we need much more workers on the vineyards compared traditional producers, our way to understand life brings us to this path. Tough it is riskier we think that it is worthy, that´s why we cheer up other producers and oenologists to join if they have not done it before!