White wine of minimum intervention made with the native variety of the region.

It is a wine with weight in the mouth and with good acidity that makes it refreshing.

Vineyard and Elaboration

Organic vineyards planted in 1993 and 2013 on limestone, shallow soils with low content
in organic matter. It comes from organic vineyards and the harvest is manual.

It is vinified following the Catalan practice called “Brisat”, macerated with the skins, resulting in a wine
orange. The elaboration of this wine follows the philosophy of minimum intervention: 0 added sulfites, without
clarify, without stabilizing or filtering.

Tasting notes

Color: pale shiny pumpkin with orange and amber glints.

Aroma: Tropical notes such as lychee, floral notes of rose petals and also aromas of hops.
There are also notes of Mediterranean herbs such as fennel and rosemary.


It goes well with rice such as rice with lobster, all kinds of fish such as sea bass
wild baked goods and Japanese cuisine.

Recent awards

9.61 Catalonia Wine Guide 2020

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