Mas Parés is the first Spanish-certified laboratories of Spain for the production of duck and goose products. Through a business management based on the pillars of innovation and the quality of the product, it has been located at the top of the high cuisine. In the workshop, the elaboration of the products of Mas Parés in independent departments and rooms is carried out according to treatment of the product.

The Visit

We will start the visit with a brief account of the history of the Finca, from the fourteenth century to the present. It is cataloged as a historical-artistic monument by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Next we propose a stroll through the vineyards observing the vegetative phase of the strain according to season of the year. We will visit the winery and know the process of wine making. We will enjoy the small exhibition of drawings exposed in the Room dedicated to Dalí, an intimate friend of the family.

The Pairing

We will match four foals of Mas Parés with 4 wines of Torre del Veguer.

Duration: 2 H. aprox
Minimum groups: 10 people