Unique pieces made from lean and fat of Iberian pork, salt and natural additives. Matured and cured naturally in the cellar, they give a flavor and aroma of the exceptional final product. We work with the best brands and the best suppliers, which seek to obtain a production of controlled sausages of the highest quality.

The Visit

We will begin the visit with a brief account of the history of the farm, from the 14th century to the present. It is cataloged as a historical-artistic monument by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Next we propose a walk through the vineyards observing the vegetative phase of the vine depending on the time of year. We will visit the winery and we will know the wine making process. We will enjoy the small exhibition of drawings exhibited in the room dedicated to Dalí, an intimate friend of the family.

The Pairing

The sausages: 4 Ibéricos (Ham, loin, sausage, chorizo).

Wines: 3 wines and a “Clàssic” Penedès (sparkling) called Marta.

Duration: 2 H. aprox
Minimum groups: 6 people