Torre del Veguer is one of the most unique wineries the wine world, situated in an idyllic enclave in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona, ​​DO Penedès). Family, handicraft production, Veguer Tower is a fortified farmhouse from 1359, where we produce quality wines from our own organic vineyards. We aspire to excellence in the whole process, from the vineyard to marketing. The wines of Torre del Veguer and were awarded the Gold Medal at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888.

Respecting the medieval structure and reform in the nineteenth century, since 1995 they have been incorporated new and modern facilities to produce wines following market trends.
In 1995 we began this new phase of the winery, based on the production of quality wines from indigenous varieties such as Xarel.lo Garraf and Malvasia Mediterranean as Muscat and Garnacha, and other sources such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Syrah. Our vineyards are 100% organic since 2016 and are surrounding the winery with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

In response to possible climate change, we focus on a vineyard high mountain, and in 2008 started an innovative project by planting varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir in the Catalan Pyrenees (Bolvir de Cerdanya). Veguer tower has pioneered the planting of vineyards in the valley of the Cerdanya and other wineries are following our path.

Also, highlighting the latest project in 2016, called “Jeronimus”. Vinificamos on a deposit of stone in 1413 built and used by the Jeronimos monks, who settled in Torre del Veguer, and there made their own wine. With this experience we have recovered an ancient tradition of the house and the new wine will allow us to present the historical legacy of Torre del Veguer.


Torre del Veguer is located in the west end of the town of St. Pere de Ribes, playing to limit the term of Vilanova and the Geltru, in the Garraf.

It is an isolated building of eclectic style, built mostly during the nineteenth century on the basis of a previous medieval old “strong house” to the year 1359, of which some elements are preserved. Outside there is a large gate round dot bow adorned with a marble shield of the sixteenth century with weapons of Avinyó, solid buttresses and townhouses. Inside, three pointed arches in the wine cellar and a semicircular arch in the kitchen, are evidence of the age of the building.

Also integrated into the current first floor are the remains of a fifteenth century cloister with different stone arches with round towers, certifying the time domain Jeronimos Friars in the S XV.

In 1878 Jose Ferrer i Vidal, industrial Vilanova y la Geltru acquired the Torre del Veguer and made important reforms, inspired by medieval architecture, such as a square tower, battlements, machicolations and towers with loopholes at the corners in the style the neoclassical.

In 1896 a small public chapel dedicated to Mary Help neogothic opened. When dying Jose Ferrer i Vidal, the property passed to his son Juan Ferrer-Vidal i Soler, who added a small theater (1895) where they came to represent some of his own works.

Since 1878, the Tower of Veguer, belongs to the family Ferrer-Vidal, whose 5th generation who today owns the property. It is currently classified as a historic building by the Generalitat de Catalunya (R-I-51-5665).



Joaquín Gay de Montellá Ferrer-VidalPRESIDENT
Degree in Law, PDG-IESE (1986).
Estram Delegate Director. Chairman of Bodegas Torre del Veguer.
Vice President of the Catalan employers’ association Fomento del Trabajo Nacional. Member of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE-Madrid). Member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.
Patron of the Foundation and Brotherhood of the Monastery of Poblet (Tarragona). Member of the Royal Military Estate of Girona. Vice President of the Foundation R.C. Polo (Barcelona).
matrilineal direct descendent of the Ilmo. Mr. José Ferrer-Vidal who acquired the Torre del Veguer in 1878.
Marta Estany BufillMANAGER
It belongs to the owner of Torre del Veguer family and currently directs the wineries. After completing his Bachelor of Pharmacy did a master of enology and viticulture at the UPC, to give continuity to the century-old family tradition.
Currently performs the oenologist.
Joaquín Gay de Montellá EstanyDEPUTY MANAGER
Studies of Industrial Engineering
Master in Enology, Viticulture and Wine Marketing at the School of Espiells.
tax and accounting advisor. Master in finance. Partner SOCIACION PROFESIONAL DE EXPERTOS CONTABLES Y TRIBUTARIOS DE ESPAÑA.
Since January 2015 is our external consultant.

Xavier Guillaumes SanchoVITICULTOR
Directs the care of our vineyards, from initial planting, annual winter pruning, phytosanitary treatments, green pruning, thinning of leaves and clusters, until the manual collection in boxes.
Josep Guillaumes SanchoGROCER
CFGM Elaboració of vins i altres Begudes (1999-2000)
Winemaking technician.
Master in viticulture, oenology and wine marketing (2003-2004)